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The Top Tips for Managing HVAC Repair Costs in 2018

As a commercial facility manager, your main responsibility is to see that all the mechanical systems in your building are in excellent shape so employees and tenants stay safe, comfortable, and productive. While creating or approving budgets may not be in your job description, it’s safe to say the building owner expects your help in keeping costs under control.


You could think about it this way: managing a commercial facility effectively is very much like running the business itself: you need to monitor income and cash flow, control expenses by making smart choices, and boost profit margin without hurting quality.  

In the case of the building’s HVAC system, there are several ways to accomplish these budget-friendly goals:

  • Extend the life of the equipment while maintaining performance
  • Look for efficiencies wherever possible
  • Take a strategic, proactive approach upgrades, repairs and replacements
  • Focus on tenant satisfaction and productivity as goals of the HVAC system

Accomplishing these tasks requires more than your maintenance staff occasionally stopping by the boiler room or up to the roof to check off items on a clipboard. The complex building systems that keep your facility’s environment safe and comfortable require an professional HVAC technician with industry-leading knowledge and experience if you’re going to get the most value from them.

The key is planned maintenance for commercial HVAC

While your commercial HVAC system is fairly complex, the solution to managing HVAC repair and service costs in 2018 is actually quite simple: your very best option is to set up a planned maintenance program from Engineered Cooling Services.

A planned maintenance program is a strategic schedule of inspections, tests, and necessary adjustments customized to your unique system’s needs and usage throughout the year. An experienced technician will regularly visit your facility to:

  • Visually inspect HVAC system components
  • Perform routine maintenance tasks (replacing filters, cleaning vents, etc.)
  • Review system analytics and controls to continually optimize for energy efficiency and performance
  • Suggest proactive replacements or upgrades as needed to avoid emergency repairs
  • Provide a thorough update of the system’s status and any potential areas of concern so you can plan and budget strategically

Understandably, approaching HVAC system repair and maintenance in this way makes it much easier to help the building owner schedule capital expenditures as the budget allows and to get the most value out of every dollar spent. Plus, it frees your maintenance staff up to work on other valuable projects.

To explore a planned maintenance program for your commercial facility, contact Engineered Cooling Services today.

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